Are You Mad? Or Naw?, by Codie Harris


Starting off the day in HSC consisted of punishing the China delegate of his crime from the previous LIMUN session. Rwanda suggested that he ask Lord Baker to a lunch date, but the HSC Press Corps delegate offered the choice of proposing to the SH Chair. Unanimously, the committee voted for the latter, and escorted China to said chair. After getting down on one knee and presenting a brownie as his favor, he was denied. As the HSC returned to their room, the crisis topic involving the bombing of Belgrade, Serbia by the Croatian terrorist group Neo-ustasha was thoroughly discussed, in which Russia, China, Oman, Turkey, and the Czech Republic sent troops to Croatia in a preventative measure, but ultimately failed, which resulted in 250,000 lives lost. This greatly angered a number of countries, but not more so than Nation Building, who nearly passed a resolution to solve the crisis. Needless to say, they were incredibly furious. This resulted in the participating countries’ arrests and punishments, which consisted of dancing in front of the entirety of DIS for 45 seconds.

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