Battle of the Rainbows, by Jade Teel


SH got down to business on Day 2 of LIMUN XXVII, continuing discussion on Indian slums. Though Chair Ann Lowery was forced to regain decorum multiple times, countries rushed to gain signatories for their working papers. SC barged into SH for a “personal crisis,” and the Chinese delegate from SC got down on one knee and proposed to Chair Ann Lowery with a brownie. “Are you handing me paper towels?” was her first response. Met with rejection, China received a hug and a “Sorry, runt, I don’t go for short guys,” as he towered three inches over her. As SC left, debate continued. Two resolutions were passed: Devil’s Advocate from Russia, DPRK, China, and Cuba, to meet immediate needs, and Working Paper 1.2 from US, UK, Germany, and others reached long-term solutions.

The next topic, LGBT rights in Africa, started as Seychelles declared war on Sudan for “hating gays.” Sudan replied, “You and your army of 5 people ain’t gon’ do nothing!” Immediately those protecting national sovereignty fought those insisting on human rights. With a standstill between anti- and pro-gay rights countries and imminent war, peace seemed distant.


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